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Looking for Bloomfield Hills deck builders near you? Allied Construction and Restoration is the top choice of homeowners in South Eastern Michigan.


Why choose Allied’s Bloomfield Hills deck builders?


Because Allied’s deck contractors know how to get the job done right. We don’t cut corners.  In fact, your deck project will be directly supervised by one of Allied’s owners. We’re a family-owned company that cares about you. Allied has over 70 years in the construction industry. Our Bloomfield Hills deck builders promise quality installation and superior service. When you want reliable deck installation call Allied. We’ve earned our 5-star reviews. Just ask your Bloomfield Hills neighbors!


Allied’s deck contractors will discuss decking options with you. Composite decking by Trex is the recommended choice.





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Why composite decking for your Bloomfield Hills home?


Because composite decking is the top alternative to traditional wood. It looks like wood. But is guaranteed to last longer. Wood decking lasts 15-20 years with proper maintenance. Composite decking will last 25-30 years with minimal upkeep. So, composite decking makes sense.


Your investment will be well spent.


Composite decking is made of wood scraps and plastics. It’s 95% recycled materials. And comes in a variety of styles, textures, and colors. We have something for every taste and budget. Trex has many unique deck ideas to choose from. And Allied’s decking experts will work with you to make sure your new deck is tailor-made to fit your lifestyle.


Bloomfield Hills homeowners prefer composite decking to wood. Composite decking won’t crack and split. And holds it up to the snowy winter weather of Michigan. Unlike wood, composite decking is fade and insect resistant. Minimal maintenance is needed to keep your composite deck looking new. A little soap and water are all you’ll need.


Importantly, Allied’s deck contractors are fully insured and licensed to protect you and your property. Our Bloomfield Hills deck builders will make sure your deck meets all required codes and specifications. As a homeowner, you should have a deck that’s safe and enjoyable for you and your family.


Trex Deck with with composite rail construction for Michigan home

Allied Construction and Restoration – James Hardie siding and composite deck installation

Avoid these common mistakes made by inexperienced deck builders:


  • Inadequate deck footers to support weight considerations
  • Installation of inadequate support beams causing the deck to sag
  • Incorrect joist spacing – spacing is calculated for weight of decking, and the people, furniture and other items on the deck
  • Not securing the ledger board to your home correctly
  • Not planning around water hose bibs, dryer vents, AC units, exterior outlets, basement windows
  • Using fasteners that are not stainless steel or polymer-coated
  • Not leveling deck correctly


It takes skill and ability to properly construct a deck. Hire the experienced deck builders with Allied Construction and Restoration in Bloomfield Hills. Call  248-238-8132 TODAY for your FREE QUOTE or request an appointment online.


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