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The Best Roofers in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Many people today use the internet to find service providers, including roofers in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. However, getting the needed services could still take several hours or days. At Allied Construction and Restoration, we are the go-to roofers that guarantee professional and on-demand home renovation services. 

We are highly skilled and experienced engineers and builders who are passionate about building for the future. Our company focuses on a wide range of home restoration services to give your property a bold, elegant and prestigious finish. We use top-notch quality building materials with lasting functional and aesthetic qualities.  

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Roofers in Michigan

There are various reasons for home renovations. Some restoration works seek to improve the looks and functionality of certain indoor and external features. Others also focus on changing some elements across the home. Renovations may also involve installing new features to enhance comfort and safety or create extra spaces. 

Regardless of the specific restoration works you intend to perform on your property, you will always need a professional builder to bring your ideas to life. At Allied Construction and Restoration, we are the experts that can deliver customized home renovation solutions to meet your demands and goals. 

Home renovation projects can take different forms, mainly based on the specific works to be conducted and the homeowner’s needs. We understand some renovation works follow standard procedures, but our company emphasizes tailor-made services that are well-aligned with the client’s needs and budget. 

We provide multiple home renovation services to improve your property’s long-term functionality and looks. The primary services that we offer include the following. 

  • Installation of Hardie Siding 
  • Composite Deck Building 
  • Roofing Replacement 

Our builders can help you to design and install customized fiber-cement siding using Hardie panels, shingles, and planks. We use Trex and TimberTech decks to build long-lasting, low-maintenance, and elegant composite decks. Our company also uses high-quality roofing replacement materials such as asphalt shingles to ensure durable, leak-proof, and beautiful roofs. 


Work with the Best Bloomfield Hills Michigan Roofers

We always insist on products by trusted brands such as Hardie, Trex, and TimberTech to create highly durable and prestigious siding, decks, and roofing that will stand the test of time. Our builders will work closely with you from the start of the project to its completion. We will ensure that every element of the design and installation meets your expectations. 

Our company emphasizes a personalized approach to every project, working with clients directly when making quotations. The goal is to deliver a comprehensive and transparent quote that considers all your specific needs and vision. Besides, we have a flexible work schedule and can perform the necessary renovation at your convenience. 

Allied Construction and Restoration are the most reliable roofers in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, guaranteeing professional and affordable work. Contact us today for the best siding, decking, and roofing services.