James Hardie Colors

Do you want your house to make a statement? We’ve got you covered! As James Hardie preferred installers, we partner with James Hardie to offer their complete product line of siding and trims. This includes the Statement Collection as well as the Dream Collection, which features over 700 ColorPlus® Technology finishes. There is no compromise between distinct beauty and high performance. Truly, James Hardie offers the widest selection and most unique finishes available to the marketplace.

James Hardie ColorPlus Collections siding is available in two different collections:  the Statement Collection and the Dream Collection:

Statement Collection™

The colors in the Statement Collection feature the most popular James Hardie®ColorPlus siding and trim styles, textures, and colors, based on top-selling colors in our Michigan region. Colors curated by Hardie color experts will empower you, instead of making you feel overwhelmed by all the choices available. Because of their tried-and true options, James Hardie will narrow down the color selection to be exactly what you are looking for.

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Dream Collection™

Your vision will come to life with the Dream Collection, which features more than 700 ColorPlus® Technology finishes. You can sort by color family: Classic Lights & Darks, Grays & Neutrals, Blues & Greens, Earth Tones, and Peaceful Pastels. The Dream Collection of colors is made to order in a wide variety of James Hardie® siding and trim styles.

The James Hardie ColorPlus plank selections have elevated design flexibility and uncompromising performance, making the ColorPlus Technology something that we are proud to offer. Additionally, we are excited to provide a 15-year limited product warranty to our customers, thanks to our partnership with James Hardie.

James Hardie goes out of their way to make sure that every customer’s preferences are met. It is one of the many reasons that we work with them. They have a level of excellence second-to-none in the industry.

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