Canton Fiber cement siding installation

Canton Fiber Cement Siding Installation

At Allied Construction and Restoration, we agree siding replacement is a major investment in your home.  Choosing Canton fiber cement siding installation is a wise way to make that investment.  Hardie board siding has a high return on investment.  Also, according to a survey on home remodeling, it provides owners with a complete satisfaction rate.  So, let’s take a look at Hardie board siding in Canton MI.

Fiber-cement board provides High ROI

If you are looking to sell your home, a high ROI (return on investment) is desired.  When fiber cement siding is installed, your home’s value increases by an average 84% of the cost of the siding.  This number does not take into account the curb appeal factor.  Your home will likely sell more quickly with new Hardie board siding than with siding that looks worn or dated.  The more quickly a home sells the less that home costs in mortgage payments.  In fact, if you’re selling a house that you no longer occupy, selling the home quickly can save you thousands of dollars in interest and property taxes.


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Enjoyment Factor

A study performed by NARI on home renovations revealed that homeowners who completed installation of fiber cement siding had a 10/10 satisfaction rate with the project.  With such a high satisfaction rate, it’s a project worth taking on.  Homeowners who opted for vinyl siding only had an 8.9 satisfaction rating on their new siding.  When you compare your personal enjoyment factor and the return on a quicker home sale when you need it, the extra initial expense of fiber cement siding installation in Canton MI just makes sense.

James Hardie board siding installation in Michigan
James Hardie fiber-cement siding installation by Allied Construction in Michigan

Allied is here to help with Canton fiber cement siding installation

Allied Construction and Restoration is a James Hardie Preferred Vendor.  As a Preferred Vendor, James Hardie recommends us as an installer that will follow the specified installation guidelines and ensure that your manufacturer warranty and your home are protected.  Also, as a Preferred Vendor we use only Hardie board siding in Canton MI.

Allied is a family owned company with many years of experience on the field.  Our owners work on the job site with our employees to ensure that your home receives the attention it deserves.  We never subcontract out a job to a 3rd party company.  We believe when you hire us, you trust us to get the job done right for you.

Let Allied Construction and Restoration answer your questions about Hardie board siding and provide you with a free quote for Canton fiber cement siding installation.

Call or schedule online today.  We look forward to working with you.

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