Composite Deck Builders
In SouthEast Michigan

SE Michigan's Top Deck Design and Installation Company
Customized Composite Decks For Unique Homeowner Needs

Composite Deck Builders
In SouthEast Michigan

SE Michigan's Top Deck Design and Installation Company
Customized Composite Decks For Unique Homeowner Needs

"Allied removed an old patio and built a new deck at the price and style I wanted. They were courteous, professional and timely and did quality work. I would recommend them for deck or patio work."

Why Michigan Homeowners Choose Composite Decking

Composite decking is a wood polymer made of 95% recycled material, including wood pulp and plastics. No trees are wasted in the manufacturing of composite decking, making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.


Composite decking is the best selling deck material in the world. When our deck builders near you in SE Michigan install a new deck, you’ll get the best value possible. And you’ll be increasing the beauty and value of your home.   


In addition, adding a custom dimension to your home is seen as a plus to potential buyers. In fact, homeowner’s across the nation report on average a 70% return on value when they install a new deck.

Classic Picture Frame Composite deck on Brick Home in Michigan
second story composite deck with stairs to patio

What Makes Composite Decks Better?

Composite decking is highly recommended by Michigan deck building contractors.  Why?

  • Durability. Composite decking holds up to harsh Michigan weather.
  • Fade Resistant.  And it’s offered in a variety of colors.
  • Rot and insect resistant. You’ll save on costly deck repairs in the future.
  • Won’t split or crack. You’ll avoid hidden dangers to your family and pets.
  • Maintenance Free. A little soap and water is all you’ll need to keep your deck looking new.
  • No re-staining or re-painting.  You’ll spend your time relaxing on your Michigan deck rather than working on it.

Composite decking looks like real wood, but far outlasts and outperforms traditional wood decking. In fact, the average lifespan of composite decking is 25-30 years.  So, when you install a composite deck, you can often count on it to last the entire time you’re in your home.

Allied Construction and Restoration is one of the top deck builders in Southeast Michigan.  We have satisfied customers and 5-star reviews for the composite deck installations we’ve completed for homeowners near you. 


Each deck is custom designed with long-lasting, beautiful composite decking by Trex or Timbertech. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote and enjoy the benefits of working with a premier Highland, Michigan deck building company. We help make your dreams come true using top of the line materials from the top composite deck brands.

Two Excellent options

Affordable Composite Decks by Trex

      • Best Economical Composite Decking
      • Full Line of Products Including Railing and Deck Lights
      • Low Maintenance
      • Trex Transcend is Most Durable Composite on the Market
      • Excellent Warranties
      • Custom Design and Color Options
      • Fade Resistant

Learn More About Trex>>>


Elegant Composite Decks by TimberTech

      • Customized Style
      • Low Maintenance
      • Reliable Warranties
      • Fade Resistant
      • Scratch Resistant
      • Multiple Colors to Choose From
      • Multiple Widths for Maximum Designability
      • Most Realistic Looking Boards

Learn More About TimberTech>>>


composite deck outlined in darker color

Composite Decks Built by Allied

Called Allied's Deck Builders Near You

If you’re ready to be the envy of the neighborhood, or want to benefit from the other advantages of owning a composite deck, call Allied Construction and Restoration. We supply the WOW factor in composite decking. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that each project has the personal oversight of one of Allied’s owners.


You’re guaranteed personalized service by our fully licensed and insured decking contractors. And, as construction experts, we can also take care of your other exterior renovations like new siding and roofing if you’re looking for a full home makeover.


CALL us at 248-238-8132 today to schedule an appointment or come by our office at 1641 S Milford RD, Highland, MI, 48357.

Common Composite Deck Questions

What is composite decking? How is composite decking made?

Composite decking materials are made by utilizing recycled materials  Through an innovative process, a blend of   95%  reclaimed wood and recycled plastics is shaped, colored, and textured to resemble real wood products.  Composite decks are an excellent method of protecting your investment for years to come since they are insect, weather, and uv-fade resistant. 

How long do composite decks last?

Homeowners can expect their composite deck to last well over 25 years with little maintenance needed.  In fact, Trex, Timbertech and other composite deck manufacturers offer 25-year warranties on their decks.

How long does is take to install a composite deck?

Unlike wood, composite materials are uniform without warping, twisting or bowing.  This uniformity in the composition of the material makes installation of composite decks faster than wood decks of the same size.  However, how long it takes to build a composite deck will vary based on the size of the deck, yard terrain, demolition needed, and special features like railings, benches, steps, lighting, pergolas or roofing that are part of the design.  A basic deck of average size can generally be built in 2 days.

Does a composite deck get hotter than wood in the sun?

Most homeowners do not find a significant difference in temperature between wood and composite decks.  However, if temperature is a concern, choosing a lighter color for your deck may help to lower the temperature in the sun.

Is composite decking slippery when it's wet?

Rain, snow and other sources of water can make any surface slippery.  Caution should always be utilized when walking on wet surfaces.  However, composite decking is no more slippery than other types of decking when wet.  The textured surface of composites allows for the wicking of water to reduce puddles that could cause falls.  And composites are resistance to mold and mildew which are also a cause of slipperiness on wood and concert.

How does composite decking hold up to dogs?

Composite decking materials are fabricated to be solid, tough, wear resistant materials.  Most dogs can be allowed to run freely on your deck with no concern for scratching or scaring on the deck boards.  However, we have seen young, ambitious pups who can chew through anything…we don’t recommend allowing them on your deck, whether it’s made of wood or composites.

Does a composite deck increase home value?

Generally decks will increase the value of your home in two ways:  added constructional value and aesthetic value.  A backyard deck can give your home the cozy or sophisticated feel a new buyer is looking for.


Composite decks have the added benefit of remaining new in appearance for many years.  So, you can have your composite deck built when you move into a new home and it will still look new and inviting 15-20 years later when you’re ready to sell your home.  A wood deck of the same age would likely be seen as a liability to a potential buyer that they will have to replace.

soapy water and broom being used to care for and clean a trex deck
Allied Construction and Restoration

Remove Mold from Composite Deck

Keeping your composite deck looking great is top priority. If you’ve ended up with patches of mold from items placed on the deck, follow these steps to remove mold from your composite deck and get it looking new again.

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