Know the Different Types of Roofing Materials and their Advantages


When building a residential, commercial, or industrial property, you undoubtedly want to know the Different types of roofing materials and their advantages. At Allied Construction, we understand that a roofing system is vital to any property. Therefore, we want our customers to make informed decisions when selecting the materials for their roofing systems.

Our roofing contractors share information about different roofing materials and their advantages to ensure our customers pick the most appropriate roofing systems for their properties. Remember, choosing the roofing material will significantly influence your system’s performance and lifespan. Here are some of the most common roofing materials and their advantages.


Different types of roofing materials and their advantages: In Detail

The choice of roofing material will influence how your property looks after installation. Also, it will significantly impact the benefits you will get over the years. Here are the primary roofing materials and the benefits of each.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are available in different colors, styles, and textures, making them an excellent choice for all types of roofs. If you plan to install them on your property, you’ll benefit from their affordability, durability, and versatility. Asphalt shingles can last 15-30 years with the correct maintenance.

Also, asphalt shingles are easy to install and offer good resistance against extreme weather conditions such as wind and hail damage. Nevertheless, they require proper installation and routine maintenance to perform better for years.


Metal roofs are a popular choice among homeowners due to their durability and energy efficiency. Metal roofs provide a good return on investment because they can last between 40 and 50 years with little or no maintenance.

Metal roofing systems are also highly fire resistant, offering an excellent solution for properties in wildfire-prone areas. Additionally, metal roofs are available in different colors, styles, and textures that can enhance the aesthetic value of your property. Some metals that make roofing systems include aluminum, zinc, and galvanized steel.


Tile roofs are also famous for residential and commercial properties due to their beauty, durability, and long lifespan. Also, tiles are available in different shapes and sizes that you can combine to match your property’s color scheme or architectural design. A tile roofing system offers excellent protection against hail damage and resistance against water infiltration. Also, tiles have high energy efficiency, which helps reduce air conditioning bills during summer.

Rubber Slate

Rubber slate is also gaining popularity due to its ability to mimic natural slate roofs. It offers excellent durability, fire resistance, and low maintenance costs. Also, rubber slate is available in different colors, styles, textures, and finishes that match your property’s design.

Wood Roofing

Wood roofing systems are also gaining popularity among homeowners due to their natural beauty and aesthetics. The most common wood roofing materials are red cedar, cypress, southern yellow pine, and spruce. Wood roofing is available in different styles, such as shakes, shingles, and panels. It also protects against extreme weather conditions but requires proper installation and routine maintenance for optimal performance.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency benefits. Solar roof tiles absorb sunlight during the day and generate electricity that you can use on your property. They offer excellent durability and resistance against extreme weather conditions while providing energy savings year-round.

Synthetic Composite Shingles

Synthetic composite shingles are a great alternative to traditional asphalt shingles due to their enhanced durability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. They come in different colors, styles, textures, and finishes that can match your property’s aesthetic appeal. Synthetic composite shingles provide excellent protection against wind and hail damage while requiring minimal maintenance for optimal performance.

As you can see, many roofing materials are available to meet the needs of any property. Therefore, learn about various materials to pick one that suits your needs.

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Tips for Choosing the Roofing Material for Your Property

Many property owners need help selecting the roofing material for their properties. That’s because they need to familiarize themselves with the different materials available on the market. Here are tips that can help you choose the suitable roofing material for your property:

  • Consider factors such as climate, design, and budget before deciding.
  • Take into account the longevity of the material and its resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  • Research different materials using reliable sources, compare their features and prices and make a better decision.
  • Reach out to experienced contractors who can advise you based on their expertise and local knowledge.
  • Invest in quality materials because they will last longer with minimal maintenance costs.

Follow these tips when selecting a roofing material for your property to get maximum value for money. With proper installation and routine maintenance, you can ensure your roofing system offers optimal performance for years.


Different types of roofing materials and their advantages: Get Professional Help


Installing a new roof is a challenging task, and it requires expert knowledge and skills. Therefore, contact us if you need help installing a new roof. Our experienced contractors will install your roof correctly to ensure it serves you longer. They will evaluate your property’s needs, recommend the best material for installation, and do the job within your budget. With our professional assistance, you will understand the local building codes so that you stay compliant with regulations.

Whether you want to install a metal roof, wood roof, solar tiles, or composite shingles, we can help. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can ensure your property will be safe when installing a roof. So, stop wondering about the different types of roofing materials and their advantages. Instead, call us to discuss your roofing needs and start working on your roof installation project. We guarantee quality roofing services at affordable rates.