Farmington Hills Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Farmington Hills fiber cement siding installation has many advantages for you as a homeowner.  There are unique qualities to fiber cement that make it an ideal building material.  We at Allied Construction and Restoration recommend Hardie board siding in Farmington Hills MI as an ideal siding option.  Let’s take a look.

What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding, commonly called Hardie board siding after the original fiber cement siding, is a composite material.  It’s made from clay, sand, Portland cement and wood pulp.  The cement mixture is pressed into forms and baked in a kiln to harden it into planks.

What are the advantages of Farmington Hills fiber cement siding installation?

Fiber-cement siding installation in Farmington Hills MI offers a product with the durability of masonry and the beauty of wood at a lower price than both.

Masonry attributes of cement siding:

    • Noncombustible
    • Insect / termite resistant
    • Mold resistant
    • Lower insurance premiums
    • Durable in cold weather
    • Expansion stable in freeze-thaw conditions

Wood attributes of cement siding:

    • HardiePlank® Lap siding looks like traditional clapboard siding
    • HardieShingle® provides the rich feel of wood shingles or shakes
    • Embossed designs with wood grain or rough-sawn wood look

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Will Hardie Board siding in Farmington Hills, MI increase my home value?

While we can’t make a guarantee, national trends show that home values are increased when fiber-cement siding is installed.  The national average show that the ROI (return on investment) for a fiber cement siding project is 84% of the cost of the project.  What the study doesn’t even take into account is the speed with which houses sell after a HardiePlank® re-side.  With the additional curb appeal and assurance of quality materials, a James Hardie re-side could potentially have an even higher ROI.

What’s special about James Hardie siding products?

James Hardie Industries uses locally sourced raw materials and recycled wood from other manufacturers when possible.  In an endeavor to provide customers with a green building product, James Hardie has built multiple regional manufacturing facilities reducing transportation costs and supporting local economies.

In addition, James Hardie Industries has developed products and processes to improve their products.  These products have been adapted to the needs of particular areas of the country.  For example, the HZ5® products that we use in Michigan are formulated with the expansion stability needed for our freeze thaw cycle.  James Hardie has focused on fiber cement products so that it can provide homeowners with the best quality building materials possible.

James Hardie board siding installation in Michigan
Fiber-cement siding by James Hardie – Michigan installation by Allied Construction & Restoration

Can Allied Construction Install Hardie siding?

Allied Construction and Restoration is a Preferred Vendor for James Hardie siding.  We are experienced in Farmington Hills fiber cement siding installation.  We understand and perform the steps necessary to install James Hardie siding correctly according to manufacturer guidelines.  While using inexperienced subcontractors to install your siding may not seem like a big deal, improper siding installation can not only void your warranty, but can also lead to thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

At Allied, we use in-house installation teams with owner supervision for each installation project.  When you hire Allied Construction and Restoration, you know you’re getting installers who have your best interest in mind.  We do the job right…the first time.

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