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Deck Builders with Allied Construction and Restoration in Farmington Hills, Michigan are here to answer your deck construction questions. From design to installation, our highly skilled deck contractors are masters at their craft.

What type of decking material do Farmington Hills deck builders recommend?

Allied’s seasoned deck builders recommend composite decking made by Trex and TimberTech. Composite decking is a wood-polymer. It’s made of recycled plastics and wood scraps. And it’s durable and weather resistant — a plus in Michigan weather. Composite decking is also rot, fade, and insect resistant.

Is composite decking better than wood decking for Michigan homes?

Composite decking is preferable to wood products. Pressure-treated pine is the least expensive wood option.  However, it will rot and split. And pine is susceptible to insects. In addition, pine boards will warp over time. On the other hand, cedar and redwood are more expensive wood options often costing even more than composite decks. Cedar and redwood are insect resistant and last longer. And like all wood, they still require costly maintenance to ensure longevity.

Why not spend your time and money enjoying your deck not maintaining it?

How long does composite decking last on a Farmington Hills, MI home?

Composite decks in Farmington Hills are guaranteed to last 25-years with only minimal maintenance. Wood decks typically last 15-20 years and require yearly upkeep. In fact, composite decks require little more than soap and water to clean and keep looking new. This leaves you more time to enjoy your deck with family and friends. Whether cooking burgers or relaxing with a good book, composite decking gives you peace of mind.


What types of composite decking designs are available?

  • Classic single-width – all deck boards run in the same direction
  • Classic picture frame – boards run in the same direction except for framing in at edges
  • Pinstripe – different width boards, for example, 2 narrow, 1 wide
  • Inlay – diagonal or herringbone inside same direction design
  • Tile – large outlined squares, small opposing diagonal squares
  • Rounded edges on the exterior edge of the deck


Composite decking is available in many styles and color options. Custom options are also do-able. Allied’s first-rate Farmington Hills deck builders will talk with you about your ideas and budget. And Allied provides a FREE in-home estimates.

composite deck at back of michigan home

What are some advantages of adding a deck to your Farmington Hills home?

  • Enhances home value
  • Provides more curb appeal
  • Decks are the hottest trend in the buying market
  • Provides added space for large gatherings
  • Encourages family time outside
  • Functional space to grill or relax around a fire pit
  • Adds privacy to your backyard
  • Reduces sun’s heat with an added pergola
  • Can help make use of a sloping yard

Let Allied’s Farmington Hills construction contractors and deck builders help you express yourself with your new deck design.  Call Allied Construction and Restoration at 248-238-8132 or request an appointment online. We guarantee your satisfaction with impressive results.

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