James Hardie Siding in Farmington Hills, MI

James Hardie siding is the most popular brand of fiber cement siding on the market today.  Farmington Hills siding contractors install James Hardie siding in Farmington Hills MI every week.  Let’s take a look at why contractors, including us at Allied Construction and Restoration, find James Hardie siding appealing.

To borrow the words from The Old House, fiber cement siding is “wonder siding.”  It has the durability properties of masonry, the aesthetics of wood or brick, and a price point not far above vinyl.  It’s no wonder many homeowners in Michigan are turning to James Hardie siding to protect their homes.

Locating reliable siding contractors in Farmington Hills, MI

If you’re ready to install Farmington Hills James Hardie siding, it’s time to find a reliable siding installer.  James Hardie has a network of contractors who hold to high construction and business standards and have shown proficiency in Hardie product installation.  Allied Construction and Restoration is one of these approved contractors.  Allied is a Preferred Vendor for James Hardie in Michigan.

In addition to following manufacturer recommendations, reliable Farmington Hills siding contractors should provide you with a written estimate and scope of work.  They should also never ask for more than a reasonable down payment for the work before the job is completed.

Working with Allied for James Hardie Siding in Farmington Hills, MI

Allied Construction and Restoration is licensed with the state on Michigan, and we carry appropriate liability insurance.  We also approach our construction bids with professionalism rather than pushy salesmanship.  Our worksites are kept orderly.  And we have supervisors on every job site overseeing the installation process.

We provide you with a finished product you can be confident in.  We provide you with the type of service we would want for ourselves.

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Working with Allied is easy. 

Once you make an appointment, we’ll walk you through the process of choosing the siding of your preference.  We’ll take measurements and provide you with a quote for the installation.  If you want to add additional remodeling such as replacing a window or combining two small windows with one large window, we can provide you for a quote for that too.

Once you are ready to move forward with installation, we’ll work with a dedicated crew on your project until it’s completed.  We know remodeling can feel stressful, and we do our best to make it as peaceful as possible.

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