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Planning and completing a home renovation project requires the services of professional roofers in Hartland, Michigan. At Allied Construction and Restoration, we are the premier home renovation company that you can always trust to deliver reliable, professional, and affordable work. 

We bring to the industry, a team of skilled builders with many years of experience in various kinds of home renovations. Besides, our company works closely with leading manufacturers and suppliers of building materials to ensure the best quality products that will give your property the desired bold, elegant, and prestigious appeal. 


Roofers in Michigan

Home renovations are not just about conducting simple and short-lived cosmetic improvements on the property. Instead, we focus on holistic and innovative solutions that will boost your home’s overall functionality and appearance in the long term. The goal is to enable you to avoid frequent home repairs and costly maintenance activities. 

Our company can help you to renovate various sections and features of your property, with a guarantee of tailor-made solutions. We treat each project as a unique entity, taking a personalized approach to ensure that all the renovation aspects align with your needs, vision, and budget. 

We understand that sometimes, you may need clarification about the best approaches to renovating your home. Thus, our builders will be at your disposal, providing the necessary advice. Also, they will implement your vision from the start to the completion of the project. The goal is to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Our home renovation services cover the following.

Design and installation of fiber cement siding 

Whether you are looking to install new siding or refurbish existing ones, our builders can deliver the best services at your convenience. We mainly use Hardie panels, planks, shingles, and soffits that are highly durable, prestigious, and easy to maintain. 

Building Composite decks

Our company can also help you to design and build customized composite decking for your home. We use Trex and Timber Tech decks to ensure low-maintenance and long-lasting decking. 

GAF Roofing Installation 

We are also roofing experts, with experience in different roofing materials. However, we recommend highly durable and elegant asphalt shingle roofs to give your home a bold new look that will last many years. 

roof with patch of missing shingles

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At Allied Construction and Restoration, we focus on building for the future. We use high-quality products by trusted names such as James Hardie, Trex, and Timber Tech to ensure safer and lasting renovations that will not put you through recurring home repairs and maintenance.

Besides, we insist on holistic building techniques that will enable your home to stand the test of time effectively. Our builders will adequately evaluate the project and prepare an accurate quotation that perfectly complements your vision and budget. 

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