James Hardie Siding in Livonia, MI

Fiber-cement siding and vinyl are the two most common products used for re-siding Michigan homes.  Let’s take a look at the difference between James Hardie siding and vinyl siding that homeowners in Livonia, MI, should consider.  And let’s evaluate factors for choosing siding contractors.

Vinyl vs. James Hardie Siding Livonia, MI

Let’s take a look at some features Livonia homeowners should consider when deciding on new siding.


Vinyl is less expensive in initial costs.  However, when you consider the life of the product, insurance discounts, and return on investments at resale, Hardie siding is probably equal in cost to vinyl.


Both vinyl and Hardie siding have extended warranties averaging 25-35 years.  However, fiber-cement siding is expected to long outlast its warranty.  Sidingcost.org even suggests that Fiber-cement siding could last 100 years.

Healthy & Green:

Vinyl off gasses VOCs that are harmful to both your family and the environment.  James Hardie siding is made from completely nontoxic materials and has even received the Greenguard award.

Curb Appeal:

For most homeowners Livonia James Hardie siding has far more curb appeal than vinyl.  In a study by NARI, fiber-cement siding installation provided homeowners with a 100% satisfaction rate whereas vinyl was only at 89%.

Our conclusion at Allied Construction and Restoration is James Hardie siding will provide you with affordable, enjoyable siding that you will be pleased with for years to come.  For that reason, we worked hard to become one of the Preferred siding contractors in Livonia that offers Hardie installation.

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How to Choose Livonia Siding Contractors

A reputable contractor will be licensed with the State of Michigan and carry liability insurance.  In addition, all estimates and work orders will be in writing.  And most importantly, reputable contractors will never require payment in full before the project is complete.  Another consideration is any business awards received or organizations the company is part of.

Allied – trusted source for James Hardie siding Livonia, MI, installation

Allied Construction and Restoration meets the requirements listed above:  licensed in Michigan, carries liability insurance, provides written scope of work, and will never require more than a down payment before the job is complete.

In addition, we are recognized as a James Hardie Preferred Vendor.  This status denotes that James Hardie has vetted Allied and approves both of the company professionalism and the implemented installation processes.  If James Hardie trusts us to install their siding, so can you.

Contact our office today to schedule your service appointment in Livonia:  call or request an appointment online.  We look forward to working with you.

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