tree debris left on roofing that leads to discoloration and aging

The Best Roofers in Lyon Charter Twp, Michigan

Allied Construction and Restoration are the home renovation experts you should engage when seeking Roofers in Lyon Charter Twp Michigan. Our company specializes in professional home renovation services, creating safe, comfortable, and prestigious homes that will last for many generations. 

We have well-trained builders and engineers with many years of experience in home renovations to deliver cutting-edge work consistently. Besides, our company works directly with trusted building materials manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best quality products that elevate your property’s overall aesthetic appeal and value. 

Roofers in Michigan

Home renovations generally serve different purposes, some seeking to make the property look more attractive and inviting. Others also seek to promote efficiency, especially in energy consumption. Renovating your home can also restore various aging components, extending the property’s lifespan. You need an expert builder to formulate and implement successful home renovations. 

At Allied Construction and Restoration, we have the right personnel and resources to ensure customized renovations that genuinely reflect your needs and goals. We insist on tailor-made services because every homeowner usually has unique expectations and demands regarding how their property should look and the features to have therein. Our goal is to perform renovations that we perfectly align with your vision. 

Our primary services include the following; 

  • Installing fiber cement siding 
  • Building composite decking 
  • Roofing 

Installing fiber cement siding, building composite decks, and replacing your home’s roofing provide significant aesthetic and functional benefits. Besides their elegant appeal, fiber cement siding can improve the property’s longevity and energy efficiency. Composite decks create additional spaces for relaxing at home but can also enhance the overall property value. Replacing the roofing will make your home safer and more comfortable, with striking aesthetics. 

Hire Reliable Lyon Charter Twp Michigan Roofers

We install fiber cement siding using Hardie panels, planks, and shingles. Our builders can also install Hardie soffits for a complete finish. For composite decking, we mainly use Trex and Timber Tech decks that are long-lasting and much easier to maintain. While our roofers can also install different types of roofing, we usually recommend asphalt shingles for their elegance and longevity. 

Our company has a friendly and experienced team of builders to work with you every step of the way and ensure that your project is a success. Once we receive your request, we will assign the most suitable builders to your disposal. The builder will consult you to create an accurate quotation that perfectly captures your needs, vision, and budget. 

At Allied Construction and Restoration, we also allow you the flexibility to schedule our siding installation, composite building, and roofing services at your convenience. Call us today for reliable, affordable roofers in Lyon Charter Twp, Michigan. We’re ready for your project!