James Hardie Siding in Milford, MI

Fiber cement siding and vinyl siding are the top products used by Milford siding contractors for Michigan re-sides.  Allied Construction and Restoration believes James Hardie siding in Milford MI is the better product for several reasons.  Let’s consider why.

Vinyl vs. Fiber Cement Siding


Vinyl siding has a lower initial cost than James Hardie siding.  Yet, when you add in the cost of more frequent vinyl repairs, higher insurance costs, and a shorter vinyl siding life expectancy, James Hardie siding has the upper hand.


Vinyl siding has an average warranty of 25-35 years.  James Hardie fiber-cement siding has a 30-year non-prorated warranty.  However, Fiber cement siding is expected to last between 50-100 years according to sidingcost.org.  A note about installation:  Even a great product can be limited by poor installation.  Be sure the Milford siding contractors you choose understand proper installation procedures.


Vinyl siding comes from the factory in the selected color it will have for life.  It CANNOT be repainted when it begins to fade.  James Hardie siding in Milford, MI, can be purchased with baked-in color or it can be painted onsite.  If the James Hardie ColorPlus® color fades after the 15-year color warranty ends, it can be repainted.  Also, repainting the siding can keep it looking new for the duration of its possible 100-year life.


Vinyl siding can be a DIY project.  With the weight and special handling requirements for fiber cement siding, DIY is not recommended.  However, a word of caution.  Improper installation of either type of siding can result in water damage to your home.  In addition, it could void the manufacturer warranty.  Once again, choosing siding contractors in Milford MI who will perform excellent installation is the key to a long-lasting product.


According to NARI, homeowners who had vinyl installed had an enjoyment score of 8.9 while those who chose fiber cement siding scored a perfect 10 on enjoyment.  Having siding you really like installed on your home is a good investment.

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The Allied Choice – James Hardie siding Milford, MI

For Allied Construction and Restoration, the choice is simple.  Hands down we would choose James Hardie products every time.  With durability, long life expectancy, curb appeal and reasonable installation price, it just makes sense to us.

As a James Hardie Preferred Vendor, you can trust us to install your siding according to the 80+ installation guidelines.  We use 100% Hardie products to provide you with the longest-lasting, lowest-maintenance siding possible.

Give us a call today to arrange for your FREE estimate or schedule online.  We look forward to sharing more of the benefits of James Hardie siding products with you.

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