Professional Roofers in Milford Charter Twp, Michigan

Allied Construction and Restoration are the Roofers in Milford Charter Twp Michigan, that you should engage when planning home renovations. Our company specializes in custom home renovation services, with a guarantee of reliability and affordability. We have highly experienced builders to help you create a comfortable, prestigious, and sustainable home. 

Our company emphasizes building for the future, using high-quality building materials and holistic approaches to ensure safe and long-lasting home renovations. Nonetheless, our builders always ensure they tailor the upgrades to your specific needs, vision, and budget. 

new roof on a green house

Roofers in Michigan

We understand home renovations usually involve various activities and serve multiple purposes. Some renovations mainly address the aesthetics to make your property look more attractive. However, other renovations may also entail replacing and installing new features for functional benefits. 

We perform various renovations at Allied Construction and Restoration to give your home a more prestigious and bold appeal with additional functional merits. Our services are customized to improve the aesthetics of your home significantly, reduce frequent maintenance and repairs and elevate the property’s overall value. Our services include the following; 

Fiber cement siding installation 

Installing fiber cement siding will improve the longevity of your home’s external features and enhance the property’s overall aesthetics. We use James Hardie planks, panels, and shingles to install the highly durable and low-maintenance siding. 

Composite decking 

Our builders can also help you to design and build a custom decking that genuinely complements your needs and the rest of the home. We use Trex and Timber Tech decks that are proven long-lasting, elegant, and easier to maintain. 


Whether you are looking to replace old and worn-out roofing or install new ones to boost the property’s appeal, our company can deliver the best solutions. We offer professional roofing services, using asphalt shingles that will keep your home free of leaks and elegant for many years. 

We work closely with leading manufacturers and suppliers of building materials. Therefore, we know how and where to get quality supplies. That also ensures that we handle your siding installation, composite deck building, and roofing using top-notch quality products. We insist on durable, low-maintenance, prestigious, and sustainable but cost-effective building materials that will offer you the best value for money. 

workers on the roof of a new house installing the decking

Hire the Best Milford Charter Twp Michigan Roofers

Our company is very keen on delivering custom home renovation solutions. Our builders will discuss with you at length about the project and your vision before drawing a quotation. That ensures we tailor every aspect of the project to your specific demands and budget. Besides, we allow you to schedule the renovations at your convenience. Contact Allied Construction and Restoration today to hire the best roofers in Milford Charter Twp, Michigan.