James Hardie Siding in Northville, MI

James Hardie is a recognizable name for most homeowners.  As the most popular brand of fiber cement siding, James Hardie siding in Northville MI is becoming more and more common.  In fact, every week Northville siding contractors are installing James Hardie siding on Michigan homes.  There is a good reason for the growing number of homes that showcase the James Hardie products.

Why is James Hardie siding good for Michigan?

Siding contractors in Northville MI will tell you that Michigan weather is tough on siding.  With a constant flux of temperatures and snow and ice, winters can take a toll on siding.  Fiber cement siding has the properties needed to stand up to these challenges.

James Hardie HZ5® formulated siding is expansion resistant.  The freeze-thaw cycle has little effect on it.  In addition, this formulation does not become brittle in freezing temperatures like vinyl does.  Finally, with a special drip edge, the Hardie siding is designed to provide an extra measure of moisture protection.

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Allied installs James Hardie siding in Northville MI

Allied Construction and Restoration is a Preferred Vendor for James Hardie Industries.  As a Preferred Vendor we have the full support and trust of James Hardie to properly install Northville James Hardie siding.

Allied is a family owned business founded in the 1990s.  We have a collective 70+ years in the construction field.  Our owners personally supervise every siding installation team.

Unlike many other Northville siding contractors, Allied Construction and Restoration will never subcontract the installation of your siding to another company.  We know you trust us to do the job for you, and we will personally do the job for you.  After all, we understand that even a great product like James Hardie siding in Northville MI need equally great installation.

We guarantee that we’ll install your siding in compliance with the 80+ installation guidelines outlined by James Hardie.  So, you can rest assured that your home is protected.  And your James Hardie 30-year warranty is secure.

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