Choosing the Best Roof Color for Your Home

5 Factors to Consider Before ReRoofing Your Home

Are you in the market for a new roof? Deciding on what type of roof and what color to choose is both exciting and overwhelming. You can count on experienced roof installers with Allied Construction and Restoration to help you make the best choice for your home.

  1. What Color is Your Siding?
  2. What Style is Your Home?
  3. What Roof Color is Best for Resale?
  4. What Color Roof is Most Energy Efficient?
  5. Are You Willing to Pay Extra for a Special Roof Color?

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof Color

1. What color is your siding?

You want to complement your siding color with a contrasting roof color. If you have light-colored siding, you should choose a darker roof color.


A red house stands out with a black or gray roof. Dark gray, black, or green complements a light gray home. White houses are versatile and look great with any color roof.


You should coordinate colors with other color elements of your home. What color are your shutters? Your front door? You want to both complement and contrast colors. If everything matches, the overall look will lose its curb appeal.


A good rule of thumb is to match your siding color to your roof color by pairing a warm color with another warm color, or a cool color with another cool color.

A unique home with spire roofing encourages roof color to match style.

2. What style is your home?

The right color roof will transform the exterior of your home and bring out your home’s unique features. From traditional to contemporary, choose your color palette to complement your style.


You want your home to stand out in the crowd. But you also want to blend well with other homes in your neighborhood and with your natural surroundings.


For traditional homes, choose classic colors like gray or black. Victorian homes look best in dark gray, red, or green.

3. What color is best for your home’s resale value?

A neutral-colored roof such as brown, black, or gray is best for resale value. These classic colors never go out of style and the majority of buyers like them.


Look at the homes in your community. What color combinations appeal to you? The color of your roof can create a warm, welcoming feel. Or a bold, dramatic statement.


Remember, you must live with your roof color for years to come, so choose a color you truly love.

Home with light taupe siding with white trim and dark blue accent colors as offered by Allied using Hardieboard Siding.
Dark colored roof that will absorb the winter heat from the sun.

4. What color roof is most energy-efficient?

Light colors will reflect the sun’s rays while darker colors will soak up the heat from the sun.


With the colder overall temperatures in Michigan, a darker roof may be the most economical color choice in our areas.  The darker shingles will help keep your attic warmer and insulate your home from the cold.

5. Are you willing to pay extra for a specialty color?

Roofing colors that are in higher production or that have fewer color variations tend to be priced lower than specialty colors.  You’ll need to decide if that unique color is important enough for you to spend additional funds.


In addition, specialty colors can be difficult to match later if you need a repair.  Occasionally roofing manufacturers will discontinue less popular colors.  If this happens to your color choice, you’ll either have to match your shingle color as best as possible or replace your entire roof.  Find out other reasons you may need a full roof replacement rather than a repair.


Installing your New Roof Color

Still having trouble making up your mind about the best color shingles for your home?  A black roof is still one of the most popular choices among homeowners. Black shingles are affordable and durable making this a great option.


Other popular roof colors are shades of black, brown, gray, and red.


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