How to Choose Best Siding Color for Your Home

Finding Your Happy Color

Choosing a siding color for your home is a major decision. Once you have your siding installed, you’ll want to enjoy the look of your siding for many years to come. The color you choose can completely change the look of your home.


Surprisingly, the color of siding can also affect the resale value of your property.


So, whether you’re giving an old home a facelift or putting siding on a new home, Allied Construction and Restoration is here to help.


Allied Construction and Restoration is a leader in siding installation in Michigan.  We’re one of a handful of James Hardie Preferred Installers.  


When choosing the best color siding for your home you should consider:

  1. Color Combinations
  2. Neighborhood
  3. Home Features
  4. Size of Home
  5. Roof Color

1. Color Combinations

Choose a well-balanced color scheme using both warm and cool tones.


Choose one main color. Let this be your focal point.  Then, compliment this with one or two secondary colors.


Common Siding Color Combinations include using a neutral main color and adding a pop of color with more bold secondary colors. Or adding white trim with a darker siding to make a statement.  

red shutters on neutral house provides a pop of color
dulplex construction by Allied with cement siding and roofing

2. Respect the Neighborhood

Look around your neighborhood. What colors appeal to you? You want major curb appeal while maintaining the aesthetics of your neighborhood. Bright, bold colors would not do well in conservative surroundings.

3. Emphasize Your Home's Features

What style home do you have? What are your home’s best features? As a rule, light colors will neutralize features you are trying to de-emphasize. Dark colors will draw attention to the details you want to highlight.

Home with light taupe siding with white trim and dark blue accent colors as offered by Allied using Hardieboard Siding.
White on White siding on a home with light blue accent-colored door gives a clean look to a new siding install.

4. Match color to size

What size is your home? Lighter colors such as white, light gray, and soft yellow are the best colors to choose to make your home look larger and brighter. Medium shades on a large house can make it appear more cozy.

5. Don't Clash with Your roof

What color is your roof? While you may be looking to change your siding color, you may not be in the market for a new roof. If you have a dark roof, choose a lighter siding color for contrast. Remember, you’re looking for a well-balanced picture.


Best Siding Colors by House Type

Need a recommendation for a particular style home?  Bungalow, Colonial, and Ranch-style homes are the most popular home styles in Michigan.


These colors work well for emphasizing home styles:


Bungalow: Light Blue, Gray, White, Beige, Mellow Green – remember, a lighter color will make a small bungalow appear larger.


Colonial: White, Gray, Yellow, Blue, Red – with a contrasting white or black trim will give your home a stately appearance.


Ranch: Beige, Brown, Gray – neutral tones with added stone accents will provide the most curb appeal for this low-to-the-ground home.

Home with smoke blue siding and white trim accents as offered by Allied using James Hardie Siding.

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