James Hardie Siding For Homes in South Lyon, MI

According to siding.com only two types of remodeling projects received a 100% satisfaction score from homeowners.  One of those projects was re-siding their homes with fiber cement siding.  Allied Construction and Restoration can help you achieve your 100% satisfaction with installation of James Hardie siding on your South Lyon, MI, home.  And unlike many other South Lyon siding contractors, we are a James Hardie Preferred Vendor.

What brings 100% satisfaction from James Hardie siding in South Lyon MI?

Unlike vinyl siding that provided only an 89% satisfaction score, fiber cement siding has a certain prestige.  Although vinyl has many resilient qualities, many people consider it a less appealing siding option.  Hardie board siding has a wood embossed texture which give it a traditional appearance.  It also has the durability of cement.  Although warrantied for 30-years, it is expected that it will last between 50-100 years.  As the product has only been around 40 years, time will tell exactly how long James Hardie siding will last.  Whether it’s 50 or 100 years, it has a long-life expectancy.  All this makes James Hardie siding one of the best siding options in SE Michigan.

How do you choose between siding contractors in South Lyon MI?

As a South Lyon resident, you know installing James Hardie siding on your home is a big investment.  And you know choosing a reputable installation contractor is important.  There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the contractor you want to work for you.

1.Does the company have recommendations from industry organizations?

2. Can the company provide references for past jobs? Don’t hesitate to call these references.  Find out how easy it was to work with the contractor. And ask how pleased the homeowner is with the service and the finished product.

3. Verify that the company is licensed and insured. Construction companies should be licensed by the State of Michigan.  In addition, they should carry an appropriate level of liability insurance.

4. Ask how long the company has been in business and how long they have worked in construction.

5. Only work with a company that will provide the scope of work in writing. It should be detailed enough to cover the type of materials to be used and the length of time for completion.

6. Finally, never work with a company that requires more than half of the cost upfront. An initial deposit is normal as the company will be ordering materials that are specific to your project, but never pay for the entire job before it is completed.

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How does Allied measure up to other South Lyon siding contractors?

Allied Construction and Restoration should be evaluated by the qualifications listed above just like any other contractor.  James Hardie siding for your home in South Lyon, MI, is a significant investment and you want to be sure that you are getting quality installation.  So, here’s how we measure up…

1.Allied is a Preferred Vendor for James Hardie siding in South Lyon. In other words, James Hardie Industries has given their stamp of approval on our installation process.

2. Allied would be happy to provide references for past work. Please contact Allied for more information.

3. Allied is licensed and insured. In fact, in order to be a James Hardie Preferred Vendor, Allied MUST be licensed and insured.  So, James Hardie has done the verification for you.

4. Allied owners have been in construction since the 1990s. We have over 70 years collectively in construction.

5. Allied always provides a free WRITTEN estimate. And once a project is finalized, we provide a written scope of work.

6. Allied will never require more than an upfront deposit. Construction is a trust relationship.  You trust us to provide you with excellent installation service that will protect your home for years to come.  We trust you to pay for that service at the end of the installation.

Are you ready for a Free estimate?

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