James Hardie Siding in West Bloomfield, MI

For professional installation of Hardie board, you want to use James Hardie siding West Bloomfield MI Preferred Vendors.  Allied Construction and Restoration has received the James Hardie Preferred Vendor designation.  As a Preferred Vendor, Allied stands out among other West Bloomfield siding contractors.

What does James Hardie Preferred mean?

Siding contractors in West Bloomfield MI with the James Hardie Preferred Vendor status have been vetted by James Hardie Industries.  These contractors, including Allied Construction and Restoration, have proven their attention to detail in installation.  We follow the 80+ installation guidelines with meticulous attention to detail.  Also, we maintain licensing with the State of Michigan and appropriate liability insurance.

Allied – Elite Preferred James Hardie Siding  Installer – West Bloomfield, MI

We at Allied Construction and Restoration have chosen to support the James Hardie siding products.  After reviewing siding options on the market, we feel that fiber cement siding, and James Hardie siding in particular, is an excellent choice for homes in Michigan.

West Bloomfield James Hardie siding installation provides homeowners with several significant benefits.  These include a large selection of siding options, specialized cold climate formulation, and excellent durability.  In addition, although Hardie siding is generally more expensive than vinyl, the aesthetics and durability make it a sweet spot for homeowners who want upscale curb appeal for their home.

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Not all West Bloomfield siding contractors are equal

Hiring a cut-rate siding installer may seem like an easy way to save a few dollars.  Unfortunately, this choice comes with very serious risks.  Improper installation of fiber cement siding can result in leaks that will damage your home unnoticed for years to come.  Also, if installation does not follow James Hardie 80+ installation guidelines the company may not be able to honor your 30-year siding warranty.  The small amount you save now could result in thousands of dollars in repairs later.

Furthermore, even though we are a James Hardie siding West Bloomfield MI Preferred Vendor, our installation prices are lower than most comparable estimates.  We use 100% James Hardie trim and soffits to give your home better protection from the elements.  In addition, we use all James Hardie recommended supplies.  This gives you the assurance your siding installation will protect your home for years to come.

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