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Reliable Roofers in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Allied Construction and Restoration are the best roofers in West Bloomfield, Michigan, for reliable and affordable home renovations. Our company specializes in professional siding, decking, and roofing services for new and refurbished homes. We have local-based and experienced builders to deliver the best craft at your convenience anywhere in West Bloomfield, Michigan. 

Our builders are skilled in various types of home renovations and can assist you with building customized structures and facilities that perfectly meet your needs and budget. We emphasize holistic techniques and high-quality building materials to ensure the best value for your funds and sustainable renovations that will effectively stand the test of time. Our goal is to give your home a bold, prestigious, elegant makeover.

Dark colored roof that will absorb the winter heat from the sun.

Roofers in Michigan

Home renovations are not just about improving the face of the property to make it more inviting. Instead, we emphasize strategic improvements with significant aesthetic and functional benefits. We focus on renovations that will enhance the property’s overall appearance and indoor and outdoor comfort and elevate its value over time. Our company can provide the best solutions to enable you to customize the home to your specific needs and lifestyle. 

We understand every homeowner usually has unique demands and expectations when performing renovations. Thus, we will assign the most experienced builder at your disposal to oversee the project from start to finish. The builder will work directly with the client in preparing a quote and through all the project stages. That way, we ensure implementation to ensure we’ve streamlined everything to your needs and vision. 

Our services include:

  • Fiber cement siding installation 
  • Composite decking building 
  • Roofing replacements

Installing fiber cement siding on your home will improve its exterior features’ aesthetics and longevity. Our builders can help you to design and install new siding that perfectly matches the rest of the house. We use James Hardie panels, planks, shingles, and soffits to install durable, elegant, low-maintenance siding. 

Composite decking can enhance your home’s outdoor appeal and increase its overall value. Our company uses Trexx and Timber Tech decks to build sophisticated, long-lasting decking requiring very little maintenance. 

We understand various options exist for new roofing installations and replacements. However, our company recommends asphalt shingles because of their unique elegance and incredible longevity. 

Roofing contractor on a lift installing roofing

Hire Reliable West Bloomfield Michigan Roofers

Allied Construction and Restoration is an accredited building materials supplier by leading manufacturers such as James Hardie, Trexx, and Timber Tech. That enables you to get the best quality building materials needed for your project without any strain. Working with us also means you can always schedule the services at the most convenient times for you. We guarantee that we will complete your project to the best standards and within the timeline. Contact us for reliable and affordable roofers in West Bloomfield, Michigan.