West Bloomfield, MI – Fiber Cement Siding Installation

West Bloomfield residents find that fiber cement siding installation is right for them when they’re looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting siding product.  Although easy to maintain, installation of fiber cement siding, also known as Hardie board siding, is best left to professionals in West Bloomfield, MI, like Allied Construction and Restoration.

Why does Allied recommend West Bloomfield Hardie board siding?

Quality Company:

The original Hardie board or HardliePlank® was created in the early 1980s by James Hardie Industries.  James Hardie desired a product that was easier to maintain than wood and longer lasting than vinyl.  Today, James Hardie supports a zero-to-landfill policy with a desire to use locally sourced raw materials, other industry scrape when possible (like scrap wood pulp from wood products), and a low transportation footprint.

Quality Product:

The HZ5® HardiePlank is fiber cement board specially formulated for the cold harsh climate of Michigan.  This formulation has the flexibility to weather the freeze-thaw cycle without cracking.  In addition, it has the durability to last for years to come.

It’s completely non-toxic. You can feel confident that you’re protecting your family from harmful VOCs when you use HardiePlank.

Quality Installation:

Professional fiber cement siding installation in West Bloomfield, MI is the key to siding longevity.  The James Hardie installation guide has over 80 different guidelines that must be followed for correct installation.  Without correct installation, even the best siding product will not perform as intended.

Allied Construction and Restoration has highly trained experts who specialize in installing Hardie board siding in West Bloomfield MI and the greater Detroit / Ann Arbor area.


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What are the strong points of West Bloomfield Fiber Cement Siding Installation?

As already mentioned, James Hardie siding comes in a special formulation appropriate for Michigan and is nontoxic.  While those two things by themselves are excellent selling points, Hardie Board has many additional positive features.


Fiber cement does not contribute any material to fuel a fire. Often installing fiber cement siding will provide a discount with your home insurance.

Insect Resistant

Fiber-cement board is virtually indestructible to insects and birds.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, cement siding does not require much attention. You just need to periodically check and replace the caulking. You may also want to occasionally wash the siding if it gets dirty.

High ROI

Most homeowners don’t plan to stay in their homes forever. And when you do sell your home, you want to recoup the investments you have put into it.  With James Hardie siding that’s easy to do.  The siding continues to look new for many years and is considered an attractive draw to potential buyers.  In terms of numbers, most homeowners get an average return of 84% of the cost of installation.  With factoring in how much more quickly your home sells and how many few mortgage payments you’ll need to make while it’s listed, the ROI (return on investment) can actually be much higher.

Hardie Board Siding Installation by Allied Construction
James Hardie HardieShingles – Fiber-Cement siding installation by Allied Construction | Restoration

Enlisting Allied for Installation

Give Allied Construction and Restoration a call to get started on your free estimate.  We’re a family run business, and we understand the needs of families.  We work with you to determine the best product for your tastes and budget.  At our initial meeting, we’ll provide you with samples of the available James Hardie siding products and colors.  We’ll discuss your goals and take necessary measurements.  Then we’ll provide you with a written estimate.

Once the West Bloomfield fiber cement siding installation is started, we’ll have an owner who is a siding installation expert onsite for the duration of the project.  We’ll be there until you’re satisfied with a final walk through.

To get started, connect with Allied today by phone or online.

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