7 Steps to Hosting the Perfect Party on your Michigan Deck

If you’ve been hibernating inside this past year, then it’s time to welcome the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy your backyard deck again. What better way to reconnect with family and friends in Milford, MI than to host an outdoor party on your custom designed deck by Allied Construction and Restoration. We’re Michigan’s premier deck and installation company.

Whether you’re looking to host a small, intimate gathering or a party for your new grad, here are 7 steps to hosting the perfect party on your Michigan deck to make the most of your custom-built deck.

  1. Keep the Party Simple
  2. Plan a Party Theme
  3. Decorate to Fit the Theme
  4. Set the Correct Party Mood
  5. Plan Comfortable Seating
  6. Create a Hassle-Free Menu
  7. Ward Off Unwanted Party Guests

1. Keep the Party Simple

Remember your focus is on enjoying time with family and friends and your deck is the perfect backdrop.  Don’t try to outdo yourself or your neighbors, just keep the party relaxed and simple.

2.  Plan a Party Theme

Party theme ideas are endless. Turn your backyard deck into an oasis of possibilities.

  • Stargazing and Cocktails
  • Movie Night and Popcorn
  • Beer and Pretzels
  • Build your own Dessert
  • S’mores Night
  • Barbecue and Fixings
  • Tea with the Lunch Bunch
  • Wine Tasting and Appetizers
  • Outdoor Game Night
marshmellow smores sandwich from smores party theme Michigan

3. Decorate to Fit the Theme

Some potted plants, a bouquet of wildflowers, or colorful pillows will make your deck pop and bring your outdoor space to life.  If you need to save time, local flower shops will deliver floral arranges to you. 

4.  Set the Correct Party Mood

Enjoy built-in lighting or add some lanterns. String lights on your pergola create a mellow, relaxed vibe. Add music for a fun, casual atmosphere.

5.  Plan Comfortable Seating For Party Go-ers

Make sure there is enough seating and space for your guests. With built-in seating, deck dining tables and comfy lounge chairs you’ll be ready to sit back and enjoy the party! Gathering around an added fire pit encourages conversation.

furniture and candles on Michigan deck

6. Create A Hassle-Free  Menu

Think casual dining. A get-together doesn’t need to be fancy. A simple buffet with made ahead fare and drink stations makes it easy and gives you a chance to enjoy your company.


7.  Ward Off Unwanted Party Guests

citronella candle with flame to ward off mosquitoes at Michigan deck party

While your guests are enjoying themselves on your beautiful deck, don’t forget the umbrellas and citronella candles. You’ll want to enjoy the great outdoors on your custom-built deck without the worry of sunburn and mosquitoes.

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We hope these 7 steps to hosting the perfect party on your Michigan deck have been helpful.  If you need a new deck before you’re ready to host a party, Allied Construction and Restoration can help. 

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