How to Care for your Trex Deck in Michigan

One of the great things about a composite deck by Trex is that it requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking new. Manufactured to last 25-30 years, a Trex deck will give you years of enjoyment. But as with all outdoor materials, exposure to the elements means some seasonal up-keep.  Lets look at how to care for your Trex Deck when you live in Michigan.

  1. Regular Care For Your Deck
  2. Deep Cleaning Your Deck
  3. Caring For Your Deck in Winter
  4. 3 Things to Avoid When Caring For Your Deck

Allied Construction and Restoration recommends regular cleaning of your Trex composite deck here in Michigan by offering the following tips:

  • Regularly sweep away dirt and debris.
  • Always remove food spills as soon as possible to avoid stains.
  • Use mild dish soap with grease removing properties.
  • Thoroughly rinse to avoid leaving a film from dirty water.
  • Let your deck air dry after washing. If using hard water, dry your deck with a clean cloth to avoid hard water spots.
soapy water and broom being used to care for and clean a trex deck

Deep Cleaning Your Trex Deck

  • Give your deck a semiannual wash using warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush.
  • Be careful if using a pressure washer. Use one with 3100 psi or less that has a fan attachment/adjustment and a soap dispenser. A pressure washer with a greater psi can cause damage to the deck boards and void the warranty.
  • If you need to remove mold and mildew build-up, it’s recommended to use a commercial deck wash. Always read the labels and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Caring For Your Deck In Michigan Winters

  • Calcium chloride or rock salt can be used to melt the ice from Michigan’s cold weather. Make sure to rinse off the calcium chloride or rock salt when it is no longer needed.
tracks in the snow

3 Things to Avoid When Caring for your Trex Deck

  • DO NOT use acetone or other solvents on deck railings.
  • USE CAUTION if using rubber-backed mats. Mats can discolor a deck’s surface.
  • AVOID products containing bleach or acid which will lighten your deck surface.

Composite decks by Trex are built for long-lasting beauty and durability. Very little maintenance is required. After all, who wants to spend free time cleaning a deck when you can be enjoying time with family and friends instead? A little soap and water and you’re done! Start the grill, get the hamburgers ready, and enjoy your custom composite deck by Allied Construction and Restoration.

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deck with hammock chair for relaxing on Michigan deck

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