Homeowners prefer James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding over the other types of siding. It’s highly durable and low maintenance. It takes little more than soap and water to maintain. And with a little regular maintenance, you can keep your James Hardie fiber cement siding looking new for years to come.

Allied Construction and Restoration, the area’s leader in the installation and care of James Hardie fiber cement siding offers the following tips to maintain your siding:

  • Perform regular maintenance every 6 to 12 months depending on exposure.
  • Hose down your siding with a low-pressure garden hose. High pressure can damage your siding.
  • Use a mild detergent like dish soap and a soft bristle brush to tackle stubborn spots.
  • Work a small section at a time from top to bottom to avoid dripping and streaking onto cleaned areas.
  • Thoroughly rinse when finished. You don’t want the soap to dry on your siding.

That’s it! That is all you need to keep your James Hardie Siding looking its best.

washing siding with a garden hose

Treating Tough Stains on the Siding

More stubborn stains may require a little extra effort. Oils, mold, and mildew can all take special attention to remove.

Oily fingers or other forms of oil can leave unsightly marks on your siding. To remove these marks, use a soft cloth and soapy water directly on the stain. Then rinse thoroughly with a garden hose.

While James Hardie Siding is resistant to mold and mildew, exceptionally shaded and damp areas of exterior of your home may encourage mold growth. If you find you have areas of mold and mildew, James Hardie recommends the use of the commercial mold and mildew cleaners Jomax Mildew Check and Mildew Armor. Lightly scrub the affected area with a soft cloth or sponge and rinse.

REMEMBER: Always read the instructions carefully on commercial products and spot test products before using them on your home to avoid damaging your siding. Damage to siding from improper cleaning may not be covered by the James Hardie Warranty.

Avoiding Damage to Your Siding

Harsh chemicals and high pressure or force can be damaging to your siding.  To avoid damage while cleaning your siding you should avoid abrasive cleaners.

You should avoid the following when cleaning your siding:

  • Harsh Chemicals or Abrasive Cleaners
  • Acid Washing
  • High Pressure or Power washing
  • Sandblasting

If you choose to use a pressure washer, make sure to use a wide fan tip, keep a minimum of 6 feet away from your siding, and keep the pressure below 1500 psi to minimize the chance of damaging your siding.

spraying siding with a power sprayer

Preventative Measures to Keep Your Siding Clean

Don’t want to spend time cleaning your siding?  You can take a few preventative steps to ensure your siding stays looking great all the time.

  1.  Trim trees and bushes away from the house.  If the siding is continually moist from excessive shade, it can lead to mildew or mold growing on the siding.  
  2.   Don’t let leaves and other debris build up in your gutters.  Full gutters will overflow and can leave unsightly stains on the siding.
  3.   Immediately remove any oils from the siding.  Immediate removal will prevent the spread of the oil through the fiber cement siding.

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If you don’t already have James Hardie siding, we recommend it as the best siding option for homes in Michigan.  It’s unique advantages and reasonable cost make it ideal for most homeowners.

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