How To Plan a Home Improvement Project

Fall is a great time to plan a home renovation project. Give your home a face-lift by replacing that old siding. Add on a deck to create a backyard paradise. Just imagine the possibilities.

Allied Construction and Restoration offers the following advice on how to plan your home renovation project:

  1. Develop Home Improvement Plan
  2. Decide On Your Project Budget
  3. Hire a Contractor

1.  Develop a Home Improvement Plan

Do the research. Check out similar home improvement projects in your area. Talk to friends and neighbors. Then plan.

What will your renovation project entail? Do you need to  choose color combinations?  Do you need to decide on the type of siding or other materials that you’ll use?  Do you need to hire different types of contractors? Draw out your plans yourself or have a professional create your blueprint.

Check on local zoning regulations and permits. Determine a projected timeline for the start and completion of your home improvement. Ideally, you want to begin planning 4-6 months before you begin your project.

deck with pergola is an example of home improvement project Allied performs

2. Decide on Your Budget and Financing Options 

Talk to professionals about your home improvement plan. Ask them to help you determine all expenses you should plan for with your project: permits, building materials, and labor costs, etc.

Set aside at least 10% of your budget for unexpected costs.  Anyone who has undertaken a home improvement project can tell you, once you start, you’ll run in to unexpected items that need to be repaired or additional items you want to include in the improvement while it’s underway. 

Get estimates from multiple contractors to find the best option for you. Find out what financing options are available. And if needed, fine tune your project to stay within your budget.

hardieshingles in blue

3. Hire a Contractor

You don’t want just any contractor. Shop around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for references for former clients.  A reliable, trust-worthy contractor will stand behind their reputation.

Consider the following when hiring a contractor:

  • Experience – Allied Construction and Restoration is a family-owned company with over 70 years’ experience in the construction business. We have the knowledge and expertise you can count on to get the job done right.
  • Insurance and Licensing – Allied is fully bonded and insured for the protection of our customers. And we are fully licensed with the state of Michigan.  
  • References – Check with friends and neighbors. Read reviews. Ask for references. Allied Construction and Restoration guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Cost – You can rely on Allied for upfront, guaranteed pricing. No surprises. We give a free, no-obligation written quote. And are always available to answer any questions.

Learn more about us and why you can count on our expertise.

Working with the Pros at Allied for Your Home Improvement Project

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