How to Make Your Deck More Inviting:  Decorating Ideas to “Cozy Up” your Michigan Deck

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy outside living in Michigan.  If you have a backyard deck, you probably look forward all year to the time you get to relax on it and enjoy nature.  However, you may be struggling with how to make your deck more inviting. Do you need to make your Michigan deck more comfortable? We compiled a list to help you make your custom-built deck a place you’ll want to come home to.

  1. Create A Focal Point On Your Deck
  2. Make Color and Lighting Work Together To Make Your Deck More Inviting
  3. Use Furniture To Invite Conversation
  4. Place Plants to Invite Your Deck Back Into Nature

1.  Create a Focal Point to Give Your Deck a Cohesive Feel

  • Sectional furniture will give your deck an inviting and comfortable appeal.
  • Add a large area rug for a stylish, finished look.
  • Make your fire pit the center of attention everyone wants to gravitate to.
  • Nothing says fun and relaxation like a hot tub, backyard bar or grilling station.

2.  Make Color and Lighting Work Together To Make Your Deck More Inviting

  • Choose a color scheme that enhances the exterior of your home.
  • Add brightly colored pillows and cushions to bring your deck to life.
  • Create a festive atmosphere with string lights hung over your pergola.
  • Use lanterns and candles to offer an inviting glow.
deck with candles and furniture for mood lighting for party on deck in Michigan
deck with pergola is an example of home improvement project Allied performs

3.  Use Furniture To Make Your Deck Invite Conversation

4.  Place Plants to Invite Your Deck Back Into Nature

  • Blend with the outdoors and enhance your natural surroundings by adding greenery from a local garden center.
  • Add potted plants of different sizes and seasonal flowers for a pop of color. Pro Tip: use a metal plant stand rather than setting pots on a composite deck to prevent mold growth.
  • Use plants that naturally repel mosquitoes like Lemon Balm, Lavender, and Marigolds.
  • Create a privacy wall with a vine-covered trellis or a wall of Arborvitae.
  • If you’re hosting a party, use flower arrangements to complement your potted plants.
marigold flower being planted to give deck a pop of color

Bonus Ideas for Adding Comfort To Your Deck

  • Add interesting wall décor for a personalized touch.
  • Create a serene ambiance with a water fountain.
  • Remember to add shade with colorful umbrellas or a canopy.
  • Enjoy a little music through your wireless speakers.
  • Check out additional current deck trends.

Ideas to make your deck more inviting are limitless. Your imagination can help you to create the space you’ve always wanted.   Think of your deck as an extension of your living space and your lifestyle. Most of all, go ahead and invite friends and family over and enjoy it!

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